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    CNN UNLOCKING THE WORLD — 18 of Asia's most underrated places Isaan, Thailand by Lilit Marcus - Updated 21st December 2022

North East of Thailand — Province of Nakhon Ratchasima

    Pak Thong Chai — Village Na Khe
    10 Rai Rice Fields — With normally adeqate with water supply

Purchase price cost during year 2007 was THB 455,000 — 2550 — 455,000
Versus sale price 2023 to 2024 is expected between THB 2,400,000 and THB 3,200,000

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A one rai pronounced rai is a unit of area equal to 1,600 square metres (16 ares, 0.16 hectares, 0.3954 acres).
The ten rais reported here above Na Khe as 16,000 square meters, or 1.6 hectars, equal of 3.954 acres.

Karin 11 — October 2023

Jenny Resume for — Phuket hotel applications

  One with the water


Laura Dekker website

Everyone of age some a decade ago in 2010 to 2011 who saw the daily news remembers the headlines: "A 14 year old girl is sailing around the world alone," the Netherland's Child Protective Agency speechless and all worked up to stop her by putting her into foster care, chaining her boat to the dock... But then she wins the high-pitch battle in court, leaves secretely via Gibraltar to the Canary Islands waiting out the hurricane season, makes it across the Atlantic to St. Martin in the Netherlands Antilles, then through the Panama Canal, across the great Pacific Ocean stopping in French Polynesia, Fiji, and through the dangerous Torres Strait on to Darwin, Australia, where she celebrates her 16th birthday, her Dad flying in from The Netherlands to help with repairs of her two-masted 12.40 meter (40 ft.) ketch sailboat which she calls Guppy.
     She crosses the Indian Ocean non-stop to Durban, South Africa, after being on the open ocean alone for 48 days far away from land, any island, let alone help in case of need, comes into a horrendous storm after leaving Elizabethtown (see video at 9:25/20:05 Part 7/8 Durban to Capetown — many boats returning to port, but not she). "I love the ocean, but I don't trust it," she tells a mesmerized audience at the Markus Lanz TV Show in 2019. A signed copy of her fascinating text-book (HarperCollins, 2017) is available on her website at "One Girl. One Dream" and other sources in print and as eBook.
      Laura finally approaches Cape Town with her Dad calling her on VHF with a weak nearly crying voice: "Guppy, do you copy?" She reaches St. Martin one year plus a day after the start of her solo circumnavigation; the youngst person on record to do so to this day. — Left: Laura (16) at the HISMA Amsterdam boat show 05 March 2011 by Wim-Zonneveld, Wikimedia

Order this fantastic full colour photo & text book Order online. — One with the water of Laura Dekker's world circumnavigation at age 14-16, 224 pages, full colour, hardcover $43.30 — Look inside this book - PDF 2 MB.

Video Havǿrn meets Guppy — Adventure sailing with Laura's father on captained charters making your own itinerary
♦ Havǿrn offers a spacious and fun sailing experience for groups and families, you make your own itinerary of places you would like to go and visit, of course in agreement with the captain to make sure the formalities can be taken care of and it's safe and makes sense weather-wise. Your captain will have all the local knowledge to make your vacation truly special.
♦ Your captain is responsible for: - Sailing, - Navigation, - Weather Forecast Checks, - Mooring, - Anchoring, - Boat Systems, - Crew Safety.

Flamings Yacht ---- Venture. The Inside Story #151; Tony Fleming's 65 named Venture from his (2021) video The Inside Story.

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Look inside this book - PDF 3 MB

Look inside this book - PDF 6 MB

Look inside this book - PDF 3 MB.


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